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Expedition Security Group represents our separate brands in the security industry so that we can tailor the approach for each client project with flexibility and to budget. We don't want to monopolise our clients' security needs - while we are comprehensive in the sectors we work in, we don't pretend to do everything. ESG prefers to work with the best in the sector to build a professional, collegial relationship with all stakeholders from specialised professional security firms to ensure a cohesive, unified plan for our clients' security outcomes.

We know what we are good at, and the results we have won for our clients has come though hard work and decades of security industry experience. All businesses within Expedition Security Group operate with integrity and honesty. We stay up to date with current and future electronic security technology and the legislation that impacts industries using electronic security to operate. Not interested in putting you into a system that will need upgrading 6 months later, we work with our clients long term to achieve a manageable approach to high value or smaller value capital budgets, understanding that investing in your security matters is important.

Our style is a no-fuss, clear and concise approach across all our services. Our clients' security outcomes matters most to ESG and we look forward to growing with your business.

Contact Expedition Security today on 0400 500 197 and protect your privacy today.

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Expedition Security provides a wide range of security systems and assessments including bug sweeps, alarms and counter surveillance.

Based in Milton, we’ve been providing highly confidential and professional security and surveillance services to both personal and business clients for over 8 years. We are committed to ensuring that your confidentiality is protected, and offer a wide range of services to ensure that your privacy is maintained. If you are worried that you are being tracked or your mobile telephone bugged, our team of expert security specialists can seek out and solve your concerns.

No matter your security requirements or concerns, we’ve got the expertise to put your mind at ease, and secure your privacy.

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Counter Surveillance Specialists - Noosa Heads | Sunshine Coast

Expedition Security provide a wide range of fully comprehensive and affordable counter surveillance services for a variety of purposes and to a wide range of professional and private clients. Our detection services are available to clients throughout the Australia Asia USA and UK.
All ESG sweeping for, video and audio surveillance counter-measures and eavesdropping detection services can be conducted for many types of situations and virtually any location including, but not limited to:

  • Listening devices in offices and board rooms
  • Mobile Phone interrogation Apple and Android
  • Wiretaps on Land line telephone, PABX and VOIP
  • Miniature video cameras in homes and offices
  • Hidden microphones in residential homes
  • GPS Systems in vehicles

Our highly trained counter surveillance experts have over 15 years of dedicated experience in conducting electronic bug detection scans and eavesdropping device location measures and have worked with law enforcement and all government levels. ESG sweep for electronic bugs and search for hidden cameras, identify their location and consult with the client as to what they should do next.

Each bug detection presents a different way of approaching the situation. The client may want to involve the Police, or have their solicitor deal with the matter. Or they may wish to leave the unit in situ with a view to catch whoever is responsible in the act!

Bug Sweeping (TSCM)

Bug Sweeping - Eavesdropping, wiretapping and listening device detection, Expedition Security Group offers a full range of bug sweeping and eavesdropping detection services for businesses, organisations and individuals. Our bug detection services can be conducted on rooms, offices, entire buildings, phones, fax machines, office equipment, electrical wiring and outlets, ventilation systems, appliances, furnishings, ceilings, under floors, and virtually anywhere that listening devices or video surveillance systems may be hidden. We can also sweep and detect the presence of hidden Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that may be secretly installed to track the location of cars, motorcycle, van, truck or vessel.

All TSCM specialists employed by Expedition Security are fully trained and highly experienced in conducting professional sweeps for bugs, phone taps, hidden microphones and cameras and other eavesdropping or wiretapping equipment for a variety of purposes, including office, board room and conference security, industrial espionage, litigation issues, marital disputes or anywhere you need and expect your private conversations to remain private.

We specialise in Domestic Violence assistance.

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CCTV - Toowoomba | Gold Coast | Brisbane | Sydney | Melbourne

Expedition Security provides a wide range of security services, from bug sweeps and CCTV to alarms and access control.

Whether your home or office requires security installation, or you fear your personal privacy is in jeopardy, our security specialists are here to help. Give us a call at Expedition Security to find out more

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Contact us today on 0400 500 197 to discuss your security concerns, and to find out more about our range of solutions. Alternatively, send as enquiry online via the form on the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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